30th Birthday Poems

What do you think 30th birthday poems should be about? The 30th birthday poems below talks about some common feelings that a 30 year old might be experiencing.

Destiny Choose

Didn't expect it, to arrive so soon,
I don't think I'm ready, as I stare at the moon.
Always believed in forever twenty-one,
Where is my youth with that eternal fun?

Constantly thinking about what is ahead,
During long drives in traffic, repeatedly dread.
Focused and ready to enhance my Career,
Share insights with friends, over a beer.

Life at 30, they expect the right course,
I dream of freedom, with mountains and horse.
So much advice, they try to confuse,
I clear my mind, my own destiny choose.

By Martin Dejnicki

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Happy 30th Birthday Poems

Happy 30th, I cannot tell,
At 30 candles, looking quite swell.
Repeated stories to the same person,
That old mind of yours simply may worsen.

Happy 30th, we all truly care,
Abundant memories, willingly share.
During this decade, family does matter,
In a few more, they will all scatter.

Happy 30th, lessons you learned,
Plenty of scars proudly have earned.
Finally Arrived! Sound judgment is here,
You wish they have listened, even one ear.

Happy 30th, fight against time,
So many things; endless that climb.
Invest wisely or retirement a dream,
If you choose coffee, don’t forget cream.

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Turning 30

Finally you are old,
Like a little smelly mold.
They ask you, why aren't you married yet?
With so many profiles, on the net.

Your body doesn't listen anymore,
Staying in shape feels like a chore.
But don't you worry, it's all downhill from here,
Jump on the wagon, bingo is near.

In 35 years you get to retire,
The zombie next door, you seem to admire.
Just try to live like it's your very last day,
Show us your smile, and forget what they say.

By Martin Dejnicki/

What is 30?

Today you are the BIG THREE OH, 
Quite a milestone, don't you know.

In dogs years it is. . . well, REALLY OLD!
As a temperature it is very cold.

A 30 ounce glass is super tall,
30 feet. . . is a long way to fall.

30 head of cattle is a small herd,
30 letters put all together makes a huge word!


30 years is just the beginning, 
To finding the real meaning. 

Today you are the BIG THREE OH,
Grasp life by the hand and never let go. 

By Dee Deano

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