Romantic Birthday Poems

You are welcome to share these romantic birthday poems with that special someone in your life.

I wish you and your partner everlasting love and joy.

Remember Beginnings

From the beginning, we made it through,
Conquered oceans; mountains too.
On your birthday, I’m here for you,
Our special love; let us review.

The moment I laid, my eyes on you,
I hoped for love, my heart just knew.
You stared upon me, with eyes so true,
Our deep attraction only grew.

It was time for loves debut,
Everything just felt so new.
Gazed at stars, with a midnight view,
Temptations filled, I saw your cue.

In the skies, an angel flew,
Carved our path, we did pursue.
A bond so strong; far and few,
Forever love, I must, Thank you!

By Martin Dejnicki

How I Feel

I have waited for this day all year,
To celebrate your birth, my dear.
My love for you, words cannot explain,
I will always cherish; our dances in the rain.
When we are just a day apart,
I feel empty and sad, in my heart.
You mean absolutely, everything to me,
With you by my side, I feel so free.
On this special day, I just want to say this,
Happy birthday my love, here’s a Kiss!

By Martin Dejnicki

Write Your Poems

Share a romantic birthday poem with the love of your life? How would your love react? Well I managed to melt my precious lady’s heart with this poem. I wish you the same luck. Enjoy! 

Special Love

Happy birthday my special love,
Shining bright, like the sun above.
You fill my days with laughter and joy,
Beautiful smile, I sincerely enjoy.

Happy birthday my special love,
We fit together, like a hand and glove.
You’re always there by my side,
Internal nourishment, you provide.

Happy birthday my special love,
Your elegance and style, resembles a dove,
I love you dearly, with my entire heart,
It aches in pain, when we’re apart.

By Martin Dejnicki

Loves Wish

A Birthday wish for my special love,
Message sent by the purest dove.
Wishing you happiness and success,
With eternal love, I must profess.

I celebrate your birth today,
A gorgeous princess you always portray.
Best friends and lovers all in one,
We always have the greatest fun.

I only wish the best for you,
New experiences we will always pursue.
On this special birthday, I’ll hold you tight,
As our flames of love, begin to ignite.

By Martin Dejnicki


Your beauty surpasses,
All of the masses.
A beauty internal,
Even external.

Sorry for staring,
I’ll never stop caring.
Elegant and gracious,
A heart that is spacious.

When we’re together,
I glide like a feather.
Happy birthday my beauty,
Loving you is my duty.

By Martin Dejnicki

Today Is Your Birthday

Today Is Your Birthday,
And all I want to say,

Is that you are amazing in every way.
You are gorgeous to me, 

And I want to say that I love you so much,
Because you are beautiful, sweet and such.

Do you remember the last time you displayed your romantic side to your partner? Now you have a wonderful opportunity to reignite the flame. I hope you enjoyed our romantic birthday poems.

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