Family Birthday Poem

A birthday poem for a close family member truly means a lot.

This section has poems for moms, dads, sisters, grandmothers etc. Here’s poem for a friend.


Happy birthday, my dear friend
I’ll be there for you, till the end
Your love and kindness, shines right through
Our midnight talks, are never few

by Martin Dejnicki 

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Thank your parents on their birthdays. For everything they have done for you, since you were a child. Show your amazing mother how much you appreciate and love her.Our mothers are very special ladies. We need to always remind them how grateful we are for everything they have done. Click here to show your gratitude with this mother b-day poem 

Don’t forget about the handyman and barbecue king. Here’s one for the old man, a b-day poem for your dad 

Birthday Reminder

It's your birthday, so don’t feel down;
Don’t think deep stuff and frown;
Your life should be filled with mirth;
Just look what you’ve done since your birth.

You started out really small;
Now you’ve really filled out and tall;
In the beginning you would just cry;
Now you can laugh if you try.

You’ve done quite well since your start;
So as you grow older take heart;
Keep up the good work and seize the day;
Enjoy your birthday in every way. 

By Heather Clark (edited from original content)

Birthday Poem From Me to You 

Todays Your Birthday I know Its true, 
So Here’s My birthday Poem, it's from Me to you,
It's your Birthday, a time for Fun, Family and Good Eats, 
So instead of the old, let's come up with a new,
Maybe even a Candy Pizza or an ice Cream cake, 
There's one problem. . . We’re all here with the Candles,
Cake, lighter and Gift wrapped Presents, but we forgot someone. . . 


Lol here's your b-day Poem, From me to you, Happy Birthday. 

By Evelyn Hudson

To Say, It's Your Birthday

Today is your birthday, it's really true,
A fantastic birthday, let me wish you.
What's inside that box?
It might be a fox!
As for this day,
I want to say Happy Birthday.
Let's have a cake that we bake,
For goodness sake.

By Thao Tran

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My grandmother is absolutely the sweetest lady. Her classic apple pie tastes like heaven itself. I shared this grandmother b-day poem with her on her 80th birthday. She cherishes this poem and keeps it next to her bed. 

Are you're looking for birthday poetry for your wonderful sister? I'm sure she will enjoy this sister b-day poem.

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