True Love Birthday Poem

What does a love birthday poem say about true love? Devotion + Action. Wish that special someone in your life a happy birthday with a happy birthday poem.

True Love 

Happy birthday my true love,
Your beauty stems from up above.
Sweetest smile and kindest heart,
Like a priceless piece of precious art.

A blissful kiss that pauses time,
Endless journeys that seem sublime.
I’ll cherish you on your special day,
There’s so much more I wish to say.

By Martin Dejnicki

Did you like this birthday poem? In the next one, I try to place it into the context of climbing a mountain. This represents all the obstacles and bumps in the road, love might experience. Yet somehow, it manages to suceed and grow.

Love Climbs 

True love never ends,
Mountains, courageously ascends,
Trek begins without delay,
Emotions accompany fruitful dismay.

Unexpected obstacles, as it climbs,
Just keeps rolling, with the times.
Doesn’t pause or hinder strangers,
Tries to avoid, unwelcomed dangers.

Always seeks truth and respect,
Will do everything possible, to protect.
Patiently climbs, one goal in mind,
Two precious souls, forever bind.

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Please remember to be grateful and thankful for the love you have in your life. I wish you and your true love birthday poem complete devotion to one another, followed by actions and happiness. 

My Love For You

Happy birthday, I am here for you!
When we met, I was holding a horseshoe,
A sudden spark, ignited our loves debut,
It was truly special, both our hearts knew,
So rare and strong, the same could say few,
Anywhere you go, my love shall ensue,
To the peak of Machu Picchu,
Or a Far North igloo,
Just please leave a clue,
And my love, will find you!

By Martin Dejnicki

Wouldn’t you say that sharing a love birthday poem with your love is thoughtful and special? Of course! Thank that person in your life that you love dearly and share a special bond with. Share, “Grateful Love” with them on their birthday and tell them how much you love them.

Grateful Love 

I’m thankful for;
I do adore.
Your timeless smiles,
That stretch a million miles.

Your sweetest kiss,
That I always miss.
Your touch so warm,
Like a sunny art form

Your beautiful mind,
My rarest find.
Our love is so pure,
It will always endure.

By Martin Dejnicki

Happy Birthday Butterfly 

Happy Birthday Butterfly
Now keep on flying true
Though your destination be high
We are always here for you

It’s your Birthday Butterfly
So smile your sweet smile
Eat a birthday cake or pie
And rest your wings for a while

You are a butterfly so sweet
You always brighten the days
From your head to your feet
You are so lovely in many ways

Another year to make memory’s
With the people you adore
To share and care and learn happily
And sweet butterfly so much more

God bless you on your flight my dear
May you never feel you‘ve grown weak
For your friends love you so sincere
Keep on flying past your mountain peak

By Abby Nicole

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