Friendship Birthday Verses

We should always put effort into developing our friendships. A few simple birthday verses can make a huge difference. Our lifestyles are very busy these days. But don't you agree that we should nurture and protect our friendships? Enjoy the poem below:) 


We definitely share mutual knowledge,
That wasn’t taught in any college.
Whenever, we are in dire need,
You stand by me, and our friendship creed.
Each others company, always invite,
Endless conversations; truly delight.
Deeds and actions altruistic,
Vision and hope; optimistic.
Similar tastes, surely converge,
Effort and patience, friendships emerge.
Limitless gratitude for what we share,
Today is your birthday, I am aware.
How many years have you turned?
With age by your side, what have you learned?
In the end, just want you to know,
As we age, our friendship will grow.
By Martin Dejnicki

What about birthday surprise parties? When was the last time you organized a surprise birthday party for one of your friends?Here's a birthday poem that you may share with a friend, the next time you throw a surprise birthday party. 

Birthday Surprise

Hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise,
A priceless look, as you analyze.
Familiar faces; instantly recognize,
Your reaction, they all dramatize.
Days leading up, secretly advertise,
Tricked and convinced, to think otherwise.
You wonder how, they managed to organize,
Successfully plan with brilliant disguise.
Thinking of you; meant to symbolize,
Today is your day, let us emphasize.
Smiles and laughter, surely energize,
Thoughtful company is the ultimate prize.
By Martin Dejnicki 

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First Blessing

I felt like today nothing will go wrong,
When I heard the birds singing a cheerful song,
The misty breeze and the wind’s so strong,
A perfect day for memories that will last for long.
Hope this birthday be your best birthday ever,
May this always be a special one to remember,
Not just a year older but a year better,
Have a blessed year and a lot less harder.
It may just be an ordinary day for you,
But for me, this is the day my wish came true,
29 years ago, the angels gathered to celebrate too,
The arrival of you, as round and round in heaven they flew.
The best years of my life is the past 3 that I’ve know you,
When you came into my life and showed me that you’re true,
Don’t ask me why because I haven’t got a clue,
But I’m looking forward to the years that will follow through.
By Mayie Cachero 


Listen closely, 
I say to you today,
And have some fun and happiness,
And do it in your way.
For there is no limit nor expectation,
For you to make, 
Nor a lot of things to learn, 
And almost nothing to intake.
So live this day to the fullest,
For it only comes once a year, 
So listen to what we all say,
Be careful, don t mishear.
For every thing said today, 
Has a meaning all its own, 
So hurry up and you might say,
That it’s my birthday. 
By Avery Oravec

I hope you enjoyed these birthday verses.

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