Friendship Birthday Rhymes

Which friends will you share these birthday rhymes with?

Do you think some friends would appreciate poems more than others?

Friendship Wave

Happy birthday my dear friend,
Grab a board, and hit the sand.
On this day, you might have some luck,
Like a rolling; bouncing puck.

Happy birthday my dear friend,
You seek adventure like a trend.
With these waves, you must be bold,
If you’re not, you’ll catch a cold.

Happy birthday my dear friend,
Stubborn waves; shores intend.
I promise you, they won’t be kind,
Wait with patience; look behind.

Happy birthday my dear friend,
The perfect gift, as you ascend.
Try to catch, the biggest wave,
Do not become, a corporate slave.

Happy birthday my dear friend,
Helpful words, I’m here to lend.
I wish you freedom with a smile,
Along that dangerous looking - mile

By Martin Dejnicki

My Love and Care


I just want to say,
Have a happy birthday.

I just want to share,
My love and care. 

I love you so much, 
I want to give you treats and such. 

This feeling is true, 
Oh I love you! 

By Sarah Crawford

Everyone is different, but there's nothing wrong with trying. But I'm sure you know your friends well enough, to know who to share these with. I simply share birthday rhymes with all my friends. Even if they find them cheesy.Have fun with these birthday poems! 

Special Birthday Rhymes

We walk down the hill,
With nature so still.
Smells of delight,
From the flowers in sight.

We pause and lock eyes,
Heartbeats suddenly rise.
A birthday kiss follows,
Melts away all our sorrows.

Words are not needed,
Our bond has been seeded.
A special connection,
Happy birthday perfection.

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It’s Your Birthday Today

It’s your birthday today,
Be thankful to the Almighty,
It’s your birthday today,
Blessing upon you he will lay.

It’s your birthday today,
Another year unfolds your way,
It’s your birthday today,
Spend it in the most special way.

It’s your birthday today,
A day worth storing in your memory,
It’s your birthday today,
Let love rule your heart every single day.

It’s your birthday today,
Make friends a plenty,
It’s your birthday today,
Give smiles to many.

It’s your birthday today,
Be nothing else but happy
It’s your birthday today,
Take the sadness away.

It’s your birthday today,
People are ready to party
It’s your birthday today,
Champagnes are now ready.

Because, it’s your birthday today,
Wish all the best that life can be.

By Henry Wagas

It Is Your Birthday

It is your Birthday, don't you know?,
So have fun where ever you go,

It does have be to at the beach or at the park,
Where ever you go do something different leaving a mark.

It is your Birthday that is the surprise,
You don't need presents to make you feel alive.

Or friends to throw a party for you to realize,
That you are special, a word from the wise.

By M F

Today’s Your Day

Today’s your day, make a wish, 
Celebrate with a delicious dish, 
After that it's present time, 
My present to you is this wonderful rhyme, 
I know it's not great, 
But it's all I could create,
This next word I'm going to say is very true,
I'm only saying it once, I love you.

By Victoria Tran

I hope you enjoyed these these birthday rhymes.

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