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Do you enjoy a Unique and funny Birthday Card Poem That Will Make Them Laugh? Don't you think it's a lot more meaningful and special if you do it yourself? Of course it is!

Internal Journey

Birthday cards are all the same,
That just seems an awful shame.
But this one’s different from the start,
Since it traveled from the heart.

Journeyed reckless through the veins,
Didn’t care for those bloody rains.
Organs to systems it fought right through,
Picked up the soul before the gas blew.

Almost there, just one more trek,
Nearly choked up in the neck.
It finally reached its desired end,
Also known as my shaking hand.

By Martin Dejnicki

Funny birthday cards still need funny birthday poems to make them complete. I've added a few below that you may add and you will find more throughout the site. Enjoy! But I am glad it turned out the way it did. It has made many people laugh. I hope it makes you and your loved ones laugh as well. 

Your Birthday Card Poem

It stares at you, when you’re asleep,
Paper quality, may be cheap.
Words inside, cannot take back, 
Evidence shows, the pen was black. 

Sharpest edges; gracefully fold, 
Internal thoughts forever hold. 
It shall open, on demand, 
A little help, from your left hand.

It just knows, today’s the day,
Finest qualities, must display. 
Shines with pride, declares your name, 
Once a year, take the fame. 

By Martin Dejnicki

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Funny Age 

This card is suppose to make fun of your age,
But I wouldn't dare, due to your rage.
A quick glance your way, you're definitely young,
No mockery involved, or cut off my tongue.

As I look your way, I simply smell youth,
I learned from you, the invention of truth.
Age is just a numerical amount,
Yours always repeats, I nearly lost count.

On birthdays ago, what have you done?
Memory escaped, you might have to run.
I will prove, this not a joke,
Look behind you, get ready to soak.

By Martin Dejnicki

Pass You By

I stopped counting long ago, 
Embracing age by letting go.

The hair, the weight, the muscle tone,
with age there’s nothing set in stone.

But wisdom gained has earned its place,
By passing youth in life’s great race,

For lack of any better term,
Your getting "old" and have to learn, 

Just let go laugh, dance and play, 
I suggest you start today.


By James Davis

I hope you liked that one. Just don't forget to give a Birthday Card Poem to someone on their birthday. I actually found a wonderful little website with unique birthday card making ideas Just add one of my birthday poems to the birthday card you decide to create and you are all set. Good luck!

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