Special Mom Birthday Poems

We all know that our moms are very special ladies. Share these mom birthday poems with your special mother. I'm sure she will appreciate it. The first poem is called, "Special Mom", while the second is called, "Unconditional Love". I believe these titles are ideal, since they hint about, how important and loving mothers are.

Special Mom

My mother I love,
She came from above.
Gentle and kind,
A beautiful mind.

Today is her day,
With a birthday bouquet.
Her smile so warm,
Our hearts will transform.

I wish her the most,
With this little toast.
Happiness and health,
Internal wealth.

By Martin Dejnicki

Unconditional Love

Happy birthday, my mother and friend,
Since I was a child, you would always defend.
Your love has always, been unconditional,
Even when, my moods were transitional.

I cannot forget, all the things you have done,
Through actions and words, my esteem you have won.
You taught me to live, with courage and passion,
With the less fortunate, I learned your compassion.

Today is your birthday, I hope you dance,
This celebration, I’m sure you’ll enhance.
From the depths of my heart, I just want to say,
You are my mother, and my love I display.

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Greatest Mom

Thoughtful lady, that works so hard,
Always been there, my dear lifeguard.
Places others before herself,
Proud of pictures on her shelf.

When in pain, maintains here smile,
Multi-tasking, she’s versatile.
With all of this; time she finds,
Her love for us, constantly reminds.

On her birthday, just want to say,
I don’t know how, I will repay?
Eternally grateful, I hope she will see,
The greatest mother, she will always be.

By Martin Dejnicki

Bring your mother joy on her birthday with a beautiful mom birthday poems. Our mothers deserve the very best. They never judge us and are always there for us. If you like the following happy birthday mom poems, share it with your precious mother. 

Thank You 

Your hearts like a crystal,
Natural and bright,
It melts all my grief,
And sorrow from sight.

You nourished my cravings,
Since I was a pea,
You stood by my side,
And would walk through the sea.

You sacrificed so much,
I wish to repay,
With words and actions,
I’ll always convey.

Today is your Birthday!
My love is so true,
You are my mother,
And I thank God for – you.

by Martin Dejnicki

Mom You're The Best 

Mom, to me you are the best,
You gave me life and all the rest,
You're getting older, but you're still the same,
You have all the love, you don't need fame.

I wrote this poem, thinking of you,
Just remember, as you get older, I do too.
So don't be ashamed that you're 33,
I'm sure on my birthday, you'll be thinking of me!

By Megan Boggs

Several mom birthday poems are available throughout this site. Share and enjoy! 

Your Birthday Gift 

For your birthday miss
I would like to give you this
A great watch from Swiss
Or that sweet trip to Paris

You are so sweet
With that great heart beat
Mom you are the gift of this sweet home
So I would like to take you to Rome

You know that we wish you a great birthday
As we wish for more sweet years

By Khaoula Ouakar

Well, this mom birthday poems, mentions just a few things. I'm sure you would need a book to list the rest. I think the most important thing is to just constantly remind your mom how much she means to you and how much you love her. Thinking of that, I better call mine right now:) 

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Thank you Mom 

For nine months, I was just a part of you,
Little by little, I grew inside of you.
The morning sickness you didn’t really mind,
Cause from day one you are already kind.

When my life is dark, you serve as my light,
When I am sad, you always hug me tight.
When I was inside of you, in me, you already believe,
You sacrifice a lot just to let me live.

I hope when it’s my turn to become a mom,
I can achieve at least half of what you’ve done,
Cause you did not just give me a life,
You also taught me to fight my own strife.

Today’s my birthday, but it should be your day,
Cause you’re the reason why I am here today,
So in this very special day of mine,
I wanna say Thank You to you, my Mom.

By Mayie Cachero 

Happy Birthday 

When it comes to friends,
There's lots of them about. 

But you're one of them,
Of that, there is no doubt. 

I hope you enjoy lots of birthdays, 
All the happiness they have in store, 

And because I appreciate you, 
I hope you have many more! 

By Elizabeth Lee

I hope you enjoyed these mom birthday poems. Just don't forget to share them with your mother.

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