Short Birthday Poem

Are you looking for a really simple and short birthday poem? I agree with you. The length of the poem does not matter. Even a really short birthday poem has plenty of potential.

Short & Sweet

A few words, painless and short,
It’s your birthday, be a sport.
At your age, you look great,
Have you been, lifting weight?

Wish you health, and all the best,
Joy and laughter, I suggest.
Happy birthday, one more time,
Times are tough; here’s a dime.

By Martin Dejnicki

Happy Birthday Hope

I hope all your dreams come true,
for friends like you,
in this world are few.

By Harry Rei

The effect it creates can have just as much or more impact than longer poems.

Enjoy, and don't forget to share it with someone in your life.

Short Birthday Poem Appreciation

Each year your Birthday reminds me,
That I really want to say,
I'm very glad I know you,
I think of you each day.

I hope you enjoy your Birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you.
Happy birthday, one more time,
I hope you have many more.

By Prerna Bhatia

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New Home

Now is your birthday,
I've just got to say,
There's a little thing inside me,
That's saying......
You've got to stay!

By Chelsey Gill

Let My Love Show

On this birthday apart
I have just one wish
That I could be with you
to hug and to kiss
How much do I love you
you may never know
But the next time I see you
I'll let my love show.

By Andrew Sharp

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A happy birthday to relax,
We always have each other’s backs.
A celebration like December,
Times of laughter to remember.

Filled with moments to the brink,
We may truly need a shrink.
If these memories freeze in time,
All those days shall seem sublime.

By Martin Dejnicki

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Happy birthday, my dear friend
I’ll be there for you, till the end
Your love and kindness, shines right through
Our midnight talks, are never few

You’re Great

You’re great you’re fab you’re cool you are,
A real life teenage superstar,

You’re witty and bright and full of beans,
Just like your mom and dad, it must be in you’re genes.

By Ray Tarrant

Its Your Day

Hooray hooray today is your day,
The day you turn another age away,
Into the bin your old age goes,
In with the new one in it flows,
Today is your day don't hesitate,

By Alicia Meadows

Best Friend

Your awesome, your neat, your super cool,
I hope your birthday really rules.

A better best friend I could never find,
And that's why I made you this birthday rhyme!

By Megan Heath

Today Is Your Birthday

Today is your birthday,
Today is your day,
To be happy in each and every way,
Be happy keep smiling in every thing you do,
Cause now I wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

By Poem Girl

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