Give Him a Birthday Dad Poem

A birthday dad poem will melt his heart on this special day. Fathers might seem tough and macho. But they're real softies on the inside. They might not say it out loud like our mothers, but they still love it. Try sharing the birthday poem below with your old man. Mine loved it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Whiskey And Steak

Woke up this morning,
Dreams in my head,
It was my birthday,
And I wasn't fed.

Grabbed a few steaks,
With a drool on my chin,
Felt like a King,
With plenty of kin.

The blood was still there,
So rare it must be,
I still felt a void,
Couldn't you see.

Went for the cabinet,
Smelled barrels so sweet,
Rum, Scotch, and Whiskey,
I felt so complete.

by Martin Dejnicki 

40 is here!

I know that 40 is a special time,
So Happy Birthday we begin to chime,
We trust that you have a great day,
You are a blessing to all of us here today,
You are such a great person to know,
You have helped all of us to grow.

by Stephen Stephen

Happy Birthday Dad Poem

Happy Birthday for a special dad on your happiest day,
Happy Birthday with your smiles on your face,
It is your day to make a date,
we wish you Happy Birthday.

by Jennifer Arnold 

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