Voluntary Disclosure

This website is a family owned business with the goal of offering information we hope you will find valuable. To find us on the internet you most likely entered in specific keywords that assisted you in locating this website. We have spent countless hours over the past several years to learn how to create a website as well as the time to write and build the content information.

The purpose of this website is actually quite simple. We want to provide high quality content about the subject matter you are reading on our website. We want to be able to provide information as well as products or services that can help you the reader with the information you are interested in.

We hope that you find this website indeed takes the time and effort to deliver original and valuable content that is free, to you. If you choose to, please do support any sponsors and recommendations we might provide. But first it is important that you know that we have chosen to disclose some of the workings of this site work and why we receive compensation for this effort.

Legal & Ethical Issues

As you know, the internet is not a very transparent place with no real written legal guidelines or ethical standards. With that said, it is possible that the interaction of all the relationships on a specific website could make the ethics difficult to interpret by visitors.

A good way to address ethical issues is through the open written dialogue we are offering with a disclosure statement such as the one that follows.

How We Interpret Ethics

The proper implication of ethics is simply in deciding how we, the owners of this website evaluate between the right and wrong of actions in our own written dialogue. The most important and valued relationship that we have in operating this website is the one with you, the reader.

We have also entered into agreements with other website contributors. We also want this disclosure statement to describe those relationships so our readers are fully aware and informed when making decisions based on the information presented on our website.

The Content On Our Website

The content on this website https://www.special-birthday-poems.com is typically written and or edited by myself and my family members as a service to our readers. While we do our best to revise the information contained within the site, we can not always guarantee that the information provided in this website is correct, complete or up-to-date.

The content and opinions written on this website are done so by the website owners. If we endorse a product or service, we will only endorse what we believe in and are worthy of such endorsement.

Compensation for Product Endorsements

This website is a family business with an intent to receive financial compensation. On most pages of this website we present our readers access to various LINKS that might take you to offers by various advertisers which are generally related to the topic we are presenting. The various LINKS offer us the opportunity to retain certain levels of paid compensation initiated by your participation.

Most of the advertising is in the form generated by a third party ad network and are typically identified as paid or sponsored advertisements through various LINKS on this website. We are not able to control the content of those specific ad insertions. Inclusion of a paid advertisement on this website does not imply our endorsement of the product or service.

It is our intention here to disclose that any compensation received will not influence the opinions, content, topics or posts made on our Website.

Product Claims

Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service is received from the manufacturer or the provider of the product and this information should be verified directly.

Any specific product reviews we may present are always our honest opinions or experiences with that product, regardless of compensation. Please note that any products we might recommended on this website are recommended in good faith. Not every product mentioned can be personally evaluated.

E-Mail Contact

By your use of this website you understand and agree to receive periodic emails from Special-Birthday-Poems.com. We may use this method of contact to provide information you have requested from us, and to provide information we believe is relevant to our customers. This site gives users the following options for removing their information from our mailing list database to not receive future communication or to no longer receive our service. You can send email to https://www.special-birthday-poems.com from the CONTACT US area.

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