A Free Funny Birthday Poem

Here’s a really short free funny birthday poem that always seems to work it’s magic. It has been included with birthday cards many times. This poem always gets great feedback.

Short n’ Sweet

Once a year you get a break,
With a yummy looking cake.
A fine excuse to act so silly,
With no boundaries, you say……….... REALLY?

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When I read this poem to someone on their birthday, I always ask them to say the last word, "REALLY?", at the end. Laughs always follow. Isn’t that what we want? Good luck and enjoy! 

Stay Young

Happy birthday, always stay young,
Even if you, remain unsung.
Do not let youth, escape your soul,
If you do, you’ll look like a troll.

Happy birthday, always stay young,
Act like a kid, show off your tongue.
If you receive, awkward stares,
Join the zoo, and send in the bears.

Happy birthday, always stay young,
If you smoke, you might lose a lung,
Exercise is the ideal cure,
Youthful feelings; let me assure.

Happy birthday, always stay young,
Deceptive years, occasionally flung.
Hope you never, change one bit,
Stay young and never childhood quit.

By Martin Dejnicki

Many of us are crazy about our pets. That was the motivation behind writing a birthday poem for animal lover. She’s ecstatic when I come home. This one is for all the animal lovers out there. Enjoy.

You Animal

Happy birthday you jungle freak,
Animal lover without a beak.
Canine, feline, the choice is yours,
Maybe you’re truly into boars.

A fury birthday wish, for you,
With a parrot that never flew.
Hope you enjoy it like a bone,
You will never be alone.

by Martin Dejnicki

Kangaroo Birthday Fight

Birthday dream last night,
Kangaroo was in my sight,
Charged with all his might,
Unavoidable boxing fight.

Surprised me with his flight,
Reached, enormous height,
Smiled and revealed his bite,
This created all my fright.

Weakened muscles were too tight,
My chances were truly slight,
Internal resistance to incite,
Grasped, conclusion of polite.

Suddenly, to my true delight,
Victory! A birthday gift was in my sight,
Kangaroo began his flight,
To the rescue came the night.

By Martin Dejnicki

Make your guests laugh with the birthday invitation poem below. I emailed it to all my guests a few years ago for my 26th birthday party. We all had a good laugh with it. Enjoy the following free funny birthday poem and I hope you experience similar reactions from your guests.

Birthday Invitation

Join us in the celebration,
Of my birth, and wombs frustration.
Cake with sugar, filled with cream,
Have a piece, and join the team.

We will surely have a blast,
Like all the trouble, in the past.
If you make it just in time,
I will serve you coke with lime.

by Martin Dejnicki

Your Birthday’s Here

Today's your birthday I have nothing to give,
But a soda pop can that goes Fizz Fizz!

Your birthday's so special especially to you,
I just hope you don't turn blue.

Your birthday's here Hooray! Hooray!
I'm so glad I can hardly say;

Take a bow and brag and boast,
Those things are nothing compared to toast,

Today's your birthday, be proud and glad,
On your birthday you should never be sad,

Laugh and giggle, shout and wiggle,
Today's your birthday, Yay! Hooray!

By Jennifer Li

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