Funny 40th Birthday Poems

Remember this funny 40th birthday poems saying,"Laughter is the music for the soul." I hope these poems bring laughter to you and all the wonderful people you share them with. Enjoy!

Youthfully Challenged

Since you were a child,
We knew you were wild.
You never gave up,
Like a careless pup.

Now that you're older,
With a heavier shoulder.
You stop and gaze,
Flowers amaze.

Your humor remains,
And some of your brains.
With 40 under your belt,
How as it felt?

By Martin Dejnicki

A few years ago I shared the above funny 40th birthday poems with my fathers younger brother Peter. He couldn’t stop laughing. I think that’s because he related to it. He knows I enjoy making fun of his 40 year old traits and habits. The Next poem talks about some of these.

Life at Forty

Beauty enhancements and fast cars,
Will surely cure those inner scars.
Dreaded reunions retro to the brink,
Act convinces, you may need a shrink.

Perpetual shopping and activities galore,
Always follow home improvements endless chore.
Refined tastes since everything seems clear,
Tropical travels a second career.

Health conscious at Forty,
Will make you sporty.
Just don't slow down,
Or you'll look like a clown.

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Fine Chardonnay!

It's hard to believe I'm 39.
But am I aging like fine wine?

They say 39 is the new 25
Could someone please tell my thighs.

My make-up free days are a thing of the past.
I just hope my concealer lasts.

What are these grey hairs atop my head.
Tell me Miss Clairol, should I go red?

These lines on my face are beginning to furrow
Soon they'll be deep enough for a rabbit's burrow

But joking and silliness aside
This has been a wonderful ride

So 40 I'm ready, bring what you may
I've decided, I'm a fine Chardonnay!

By Lella Dal Ferro

Remember My funny 40th birthday poems

Forty summers since you were born,
Surprise gathering, did not forewarn.
To celebrate a trail taken,
Many hurdles, soul awaken.

Recollect moments in time,
Engraved in our hearts; precious and prime.
Many distinct, others bittersweet,
ever gave up, remained on your feet.

Plenty of smiles, may we send your way,
As we laugh with you, on this wonderful day.
On your 40th, moments to think back,
Years from now, emotions we won’t lack.

By Martin Dejnicki

Winner at 40

At forty begins,
Many more wins.
Attitude just right,
Eyes shining bright.

Life's not so bad,
As long as you're glad.
Those memories to remember.
From January till December.

With forty comes knowledge,
They didn't teach in college.
Hope your fortieth is a blast,
Like the Beetles in the past.

By Martin Dejnicki

What did you think of that one? It was definitely short and simple. Maybe a little bit inspirational as well? Well that's what I was trying to achieve with these funny 40th birthday poems.The next birthday poem is completely different from the previous one. It tries to look at the past, present, and future situations or experiences. 

Happy 40th

Happy 40th, I cannot tell,
At 40 candles, looking quite swell.
Repeated stories to the same person,
That old mind of yours simply may worsen.

Happy 40th, we all truly care,
Abundant memories, willingly share.
During this decade, family does matter,
In a few more, they will all scatter.

Happy 40th, lessons you learned,
Plenty of scars proudly have earned.
Finally Arrived! Sound judgment is here,
You wish they have listened, even one ear.

Happy 40th, fight against time,
So many things; endless that climb.
Invest wisely or retirement a dream,
If you choose coffee, don't forget cream.

By Martin Dejnicki

Fever at 40

Woke with a fever, showing forty on the rise,
No need for panic, just tastefully advertise.
Who would have thought, you’d catch the aging cold,
There was no warning, they should have told.

Symptoms unique; unavoidable condition,
Physical changes without your permission.
If this persists, you might need a shrink,
Let us examine, over a drink.

How do you feel, a little energy lost?
Welcome these days, when errands exhaust.
At least you won’t have trouble with sleep,
Forget about counting, jumping white sheep.

One things for sure, fever will never subside,
The higher it climbs, so will your pride.
Wishing you 100 and certainly more,
Enjoy your forty, we truly adore.

By Martin Dejnicki 

Are you looking for a birthday poem that might be ideal for a lady? When a lady turns 40, she secretly wants to be reminded how wonderful and beautiful she still is. Pampering her is also something she wouldn't mind at all. Those are the things the next poem tries to hint at:) 

Forty & Fabulous

You deserve a manicure, at your favorite spa,
Candles, powders, and perfumes; the perfect formula.
Don’t forget that facial, with a soothing deep massage,
A 40th star on this special day; call your entourage.

Gift baskets filled with love or settle for fondue,
If you're truly lucky, expect another shoe.
You are hip and beautiful; wishing you shining health,
Family and friends that care for you are your lasting wealth.

Times have certainly changed a bit, since 40's the new thirty,
Get together will all your girls, which one is most wordy?
Keep on smiling embrace your 40, like a brand new purse,
Happy birthday, laugh with us, until we all disperse.

By Martin Dejnicki

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