Funny 50th Birthday Poem

Are looking for a funny 50th birthday poem? I just finished writing "Memory Lane". Feel free to change it in any way to suit your situation. Hopefully, it will make that fifty year old in your life laugh and smile on their special day.

Memory Lane

Born in fifty-eight,
When black and white TVs were great.
Raised in 1960 and beyond,
In that smelly little pond.

Disco balls and afro groovy,
Jaws and Star Wars was the movie.
Mustang convertible was just a dream,
Engine running she was supreme.

It’s not so bad, you’re only fifty,
A closer look, you’re also thrifty.
On your birthday, you’re the laughing stock,
Show those dentures, let us mock.

A smooth ride down memory lane,
You couldn’t find a better train?
Now you’re fifty, it’s OK!
Start a trend, and show that grey.

By Martin Dejnicki

Here's another funny 50th birthday poem, that makes fun of reaching that special milestone.

What’s Next?

Not much more, left to achieve,
Days have passed, being naive.
Career has reached, highest peak,
Starting to look, a bit antique.

Fifty young, tiny roadblock,
Smell the flowers; slower walk.
You celebrate, with the symbol for peace,
Maybe one day, we won’t need police.

Never questioned your mental state,
All depends, what you ate.
Is it truly a new Art?
Acting like an old, Fart!

By Martin Dejnicki

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50th Truth

Thinning hair,
Cannot be fair.
Bags under eyes,
Make you wise.

Extra pounds,
Join the clowns.
Varicose veins,
Feel like chains.

At 50 years,
Dismiss your fears.
Just like wine,
Complex and fine.

By Martin Dejnicki

Young at Heart

Happy birthday young at heart,
So many decades, where to start?
With energy, like that pink bunny,
You make us look lazy, that’s not funny!

Never-ending old school ways,
Filled with stories, to Amaze!
Listening has been lost with age,
You belong on theatre stage.

If you manage to forget,
We’ll remind you, don’t you fret.
Happy birthday young at heart,
Smile with joy, you old fart.

Did you like that funny 50th birthday poem? The next poem should be given to a man since it talks about being bald. Just remember to give it to someone with a good sense of humor.

Officially Old

Happy 50th, you are officially old,
Ages ago, you used to be bold.
A little reminder, of a time gone by,
The things you did, most did not try.

You called it brilliant, we knew it was insane,
Nothing deterred you, not even pain.
Courageous, determined, with a single fear,
Regret for not trying; never adhere.

Now you’ve mastered, the art of bald,
Unsuccessfully, nature stalled.
Do not worry, it’s just decay,
Soon we’ll all be, insects prey.

Happy 50th, you are officially old,
Turn around, I see some mold.
Not keeping track, can’t count that high,
Internally youthful; intend to - imply

By Martin Dejnicki

Fifty To Remember

Happy birthday, time for reflection,
All those years, journeys collection.
Fifty years, cease to serve,
Unwind; and simply observe.

Special memories, certainly share,
We shall listen, and compare.
Forgotten photos; recollect,
With curious eyes, let us inspect.

A life you chose, we won't judge,
Smile exuberance, or we shall nudge.
Flew by, in the first half,
In the second, might need a staff.

By Martin Dejnicki

Turning 50

Now that you’re 50 and “Old as the hills”,
Do you need a reminder when it’s “time for your pills”?
Do you often forget what you’re going to say?
Do your bones seem to creek at the end of the day?

And by the end of the week your bones so filled with pain,
That you can actually predict when it’s going to rain?
Are your affairs up-to-date, I suggest you inquire,
After all, pretty soon you’ll be forced to retire.

But, you can always work part-time and still be a leader,
Maybe working at Wal-Mart as an official “Greeter”.
All kidding, of course, you’re still young and spry…
But, do the thought of the “old days” bring a tear to your eye?

Or, does it just make you smile as you recall all the fun?
You know? In the old days? When you used to be young?

By Lori St. Clair-Castillo

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