Grandmother Birthday Poem

Share a grandmother birthday poem with your phenomenal grandmother. Grandmothers are always waiting for us with a warm smile. They always have something delicious up their sleeves. Like homemade apple pie or a warm bowl of soup.

Youthful Grace

You walk with grace,
Humble and fun,
With youth in your eyes,
Always on the run.

Ageless beauty,
From a far off land,
Filled with stories,
More plentiful than sand.

Legendary wisdom,
Shared with us all,
We value your company,
From winter till the fall.

Today we celebrate,
Another special year,
We love you more than ever,
Your heart is always near.

by Martin Dejnicki

With our busy lifestyles, sometimes we forget to tell them how much we love them. Remind your grandmother on her birthday, how much she means to you with this poem.

Don't Mind Old Birthday Party Pooper... 

It's birthday time again I see;
Another year has flown by.
I’m a bit older than I used to be;
The thought just makes me sigh.

But being my age is a lot of fun,
Especially when grandkids visit me,
Where joking around makes me young,
And gives us all laughter and glee.

But Grandma is a spoilsport at times,
When playfulness turns to a humdinger.
So kiddies, don’t give party poop any mind, 
It’s my birthday - go ahead - pull my finger!

By Gene Eggers

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I hope you enjoy the poem and will share it with your special grandmother. More birthday poems are available for you throughout this site. Enjoy! 

Happy Birthday Dear Old Friend

She had another birthday,
As she sat before the mirror.

Her gray hairs are memories,
And her wrinkles are souvenirs.

She can no longer sit because her hip is out of place
But she can still flap that mouth like she's running in a race.

She knows how to play a piano…..some people say
Now fine tuning her hearing aid is the highlight of her day.

She was a snappy dresser and sexy as can be,
But now she wears pajamas and tries not to pee.

Each strand of silver
Each line on her face 

Shows she has worried
Shows she has laughed.

I know I have contributed to both in the past.

And so it's Happy Birthday(insert b-day name here),
Finally at last a compliment from ( your name here),

Your friendly pain in the ass.

By Chris Shilliam

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