Mother Birthday Poem

I hope you use the mother birthday poem below to show your special mom how much you care and love her. Don't you agree that our mothers deserve the best in life. Mothers love when their children express their gratitude and speak from their hearts. Do not wait or hesitate, because they deserve it. Good luck! 

My Daffodil

In the beginning, it was just me and you,
A heavy weight, that gave you the flu.
Could barely stand, yet went to work,
Even though, your boss was a jerk.

How could I ever, thank you enough?
Through your examples, I learned to be tough.
You taught me how to, stand up for myself,
Always place books, back onto the shelf.

Today we celebrate, an everyday miracle,
Forever cherished, in my hearts pinnacle.
Words cannot explain, how I feel,
My precious mother, my daffodil.

By Martin Dejnicki

I hope you enjoyed that mother birthday poem and will share it with your wonderful mom. Just remember, there are plenty of birthday poems throughout this site. Enjoy! 

Mothers Love

Happy birthday precious soul,
You would listen and console.
In my youth, you were Mother Goose,
Fairy tales and rhymes produce.

You were always there for me,
Told me never, troubles flee.
As the years would flow along,
Life was such a pretty song.

Taught me values, I hold dear,
Never caused me any fear.
I adored you from the start,
You brought love into my heart.

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Letters That Spell Mother

M is for the many times you’ve stood their by my side 
O is for the only one who has seen the tears I’ve cried 
T is for the thanks I give to the one I hold so dear 
H is for the heart of gold that drives away my fear 
E is for the eternal love from such a grateful son 
R is for the rose Jesus gave me for a mom 

These letters are the reason my life is free from strife
For mother you are everything my heart my soul my life. 

By Ray Tarrant

Happy Birthday Son

Words can never tell you how I feel today, 
About a wonderful son like you I will never be able to say. 

You have been a joy in my life ever since you came to me, 
I held you in my arms that day; I thought this just can't be. 

A son they told me, and oh, you will never know, 
My heart was all-aglow. 

Your little body so fragile and so small, 
I could never imagine you growing so strong and tall. 

Son you have grown into a man now and I know, 
You're on your own. 

But I still want to wipe the tears away even though you aren't at home, 
Remember I will be there for you anywhere you may roam. 

You are in my prayers every day of your life, 
God is going to bless you even through any strife. 

So hang onto the only thing that counts in days ahead, 
When you feel down remember what mama said. 

By Donna Huff

I hope you enjoyed these mother birthday poems.

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